Titan Serbia


Lokalna zajednica

Local community

By comprehensively supporting our local community development, we strive to improve the quality of life of all citizens. The growth of the company, based on the principles of social responsibility and sustainable development, is inseparable from the wellbeing of people in the immediate environment.

As a reliable partner of the local community for decades, TITAN Cementara Kosjerić dedicates its human resources and financial investment to the prosperity of the community in which it operates. In this sense, we attach great importance to the development of partnerships, based on the recognition of mutual needs and interests, in order to ensure a better common future.


We support various segments of life in Kosjerić through long-term investment in sustainable community development, which includes: nature conservation, infrastructure, sports, education, health, culture, the non-governmental sector, donations for humanitarian associations and actions and care for the safety of fellow citizens.


Thanks to a conscientious business approach, TCK contributes to the implementation of ideas that improve social standards and support the aspiration of our company to make Kosjerić a better place to live for present and future generations.

TCK Info Centre – the Company’s Information and Stakeholders’ Engagement

In order to foster transparent and two-way communication with citizens, the TCK Info Centre offers actual and relevant information on the cement plant’s business, enabling stakeholders to learn more about the cement production process, environmental results and other important company practices.


Meeting the interests of our fellow citizens, we provide them with the opportunity to receive professional answers from TCK’s experts to questions from all areas of the plant’s work in our Information Centre.


The TCK Info Centre supports the organisation of various seminars, cultural, educational and health programmes and, thus, confirms its commitment to the continuous improvement of life in the community, as a reflection of the cement plant’s responsible business policy.

Sustainability in Action