Titan Serbia


klimatske promene


Climate change is one of the greatest challenges in the modern world. Rising global average temperatures are causing rising sea levels, heavy rainfall in some regions and prolonged droughts in others, as well as a significant impact on agriculture, health, biodiversity and clean water supply.

Global cement production is cited as one of the important anthropogenic sources of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, which is one of the causes of the so-called “greenhouse effect”, with a direct effect on the growth of global warming. Therefore, the impact on climate change is considered one of the most important challenges in the TITAN Group, and thus in our factory as part of it.


TITAN Cementara Kosjerić, in accordance with TITAN Group’s policies and practices, regularly follows the Sustainability Guidelines for monitoring and reporting of CO2 emissions in cement production, published by the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA). We continuously monitor and report on our direct carbon emissions, in accordance with the GCCA Guidelines, although in Serbia there is still no obligation to calculate and report on CO2 emissions.


In addition, for years now we have been making significant efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which result from the cement production process. Our approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions is based on the precautionary principle, by which we anticipate and reduce potential risks, through activities aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of the process, reducing the clinker-to-cement ratio and using biomass for heating.