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Sustainability in Action

The Sustainable Results of the “For My Kosjerić” Competition

The “For My Kosjerić” competition innovatively and sustainably improves the quality of life in the local community, through the implementation of the best-rated projects, which are financially supported by the TITAN Cementara Kosjerić. Such opportunities are given to initiatives that show the involvement of citizens in resolving common issues, provided that they effectively use local resources and promote cooperation with various social actors. 

The long-term inspiration of this popular Titan project is confirmed by a large number of nominated ideas, proposed by municipal institutions and civil society organisations. 

As a long-term programme that empowers local actors in creating common benefits, the “For My Kosjerić” competition also harmonises the contents of the awarded projects with the corporate values of TCK, so that the overall effects contribute to the sustainable development of the local community. 

Since the launch of the competition in 2013, we have awarded 82 projects so far, with a total financial support of the company of over 160,000 euros. The implemented solutions in the field of culture, ecology, education, social protection and inclusion present the unity of social interests of our company and the citizens of Kosjerić in the best way, which is a pattern of cooperation in this field. 

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