Titan Serbia


Air emissions

As a result of our intensive and continuous investments, as well as the measures taken, all air emissions from TITAN Cementara Kosjerić are below the limit values set by national legislation and EU regulations in the field of environmental protection.

One of the most important environmental issues in the process of cement clinker (cement) production is related to air emissions. The main emissions into the air are dust, nitrogen oxides (NOX) and sulphur oxides (SO2).


Our goal is to continuously reduce all types of emissions. We are working to optimize production processes and modernize our installations, in order to reduce emissions to a minimum.


In this context, we have undertaken substantial investments in new technologies, such as: installation of bag filters (replacement of cement mill electrostatic precipitator (2006), replacement of kiln electrostatic precipitator (2021)), closed storage – feeding systems of raw materials, new low NOX burner, flame cooling in the kiln to reduce NOX emissions, online analysers, quality control equipment, automatic samplers.


We conduct continuous monitoring of emissions on the main emitters – rotary kiln (dust, NOX, SO2), cement mill (dust) and solid fuel mill (dust). Spot measurements of emissions are performed on all other emitters, twice a year, by authorised professional organisations.


To reduce/prevent diffuse emissions into the air, we take measures, which include: regular washing and wetting of roads, wetting of stored raw materials, the formation of a green belt as protective barriers against wind.