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Bulk Cement

CEM II/B-M (V-L) 42,5N

Cement CEM II/B-M (V-L) 42,5N is a portland-composite cement with a 65-79% share of clinker and a 21-35% admixture of siliceous fly ash and limestone.

It is a widely used cement that is suitable for the production of transported and pumped concrete, as well as the production of all types of reinforced concrete structures. The high strength and quality stability of this cement enable its use in the production of high-grade concrete that is exposed to moderately aggressive environments.

CEM II/A-M(S-L) 42,5R

Cement CEM II/A-M (S-L) 42,5R is portland-composite cement, with an 80-88% share of clinker and a 12-20% admixture of slag and limestone.

Cement with high standard and early strength and stable quality is intended for the production of all types of concrete. It is recommended for the construction of demanding concrete structures, the construction of bridges, tunnels, roads and other structures. It is suitable for the production of concrete of higher strength classes, as well as for concrete used in aggressive environments, showing very high resistance to freeze/thaw and de-icing agent attack.