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Sustainability in Action

We Create a Safe Common Environment with our Safety Programmes

Being a business priority of our company, health and safety is the subject of constant reviews and improvements. The good practices that we apply in TCK contribute to our aspiration to be leaders in creating a safe and healthy working environment. At the same time, we strive to promote an awareness of safe behaviour, not only in the plant and through the supply chain but also among the youngest school population. 

So far, ten generations of students have participated in the “Safety Workshops” programme, which we organise for the fourth-graders of all primary schools in the municipality of Kosjerić, so children adopt healthy growing habits through fun, play and socialising, and develop alertness to dangers in everyday life situations. 

In addition to workshops for children and training intended for TCK employees, in the field of safety and health, we also implement a training programme for our contractors and business associates. By transferring our knowledge and experience in a partnership spirit, we establish better mutual understanding, better cooperation and improve safety in the wider scope of the company’s activities. 

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