Titan Serbia


Circular economy

The circular economy provides a reliable and modern solution for sustainable development, with many benefits for society, the economy and the environment. That is why we actively support the circular economy as a business model.

In simple terms, the circular economy consists of extending the life cycle of products and, at the same time, saving non-renewable natural resources, through the reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery of raw materials, energy and waste.


The cement industry is already actively contributing to the implementation of the circular economy model at various stages of the production process, and is adopting synergy practices (industrial symbiosis) with other industries.


As part of TITAN Group, we are committed to promoting efficient practices that are in line with the concept of the circular economy, the importance of which is reflected in our Environmental Policy. In accordance with the concept of circular economy, we apply the following practices:

  • sorting of waste into more than 20 fractions and handing it over to authorised waste management operators, thus enabling other companies to use those fractions as secondary raw materials,
  • reduction of clinker content in cement,
  • using alternative raw materials for the production of clinker and cement.