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Nitrogen oxides (NOX)

To reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides into the air, we apply measures in accordance with the best available techniques (BAT), as follows:

  • “low NOx burner” – burner with adjustable flame, the latest generation (Rotaflam AT Pillard), whose main feature is reduced NOx production, compared to conventional burners,
  • flame cooling to further reduce NOx emissions,
  • process optimisation and control.

The average fifteen-day values of NOx on the rotary kiln, in the current year (as in previous years), are below the limit value of 800 mg/Nm3, and are shown in the graphs:

Average NOx emissions over a two-week period in 2021.


ELV – Emission Limit Value (IPPC Permit number: 353-01-00372/2018-03, 10.07.2018.)

Nm³ – 273.15K temperature, 101.3 kPa pressure, dry gas, at 10% of oxygen