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Sulphur oxides (SO2)

Due to the nature of the technological process in TCK, as well as constant efforts and investments in modern technological solutions, our sulphur dioxide emissions are significantly lower than the prescribed limit values.

The average fifteen-day values of SO2 on the rotary kiln, in the current year (as in previous years), are far below the limit value of 200 mg/Nm3, and are shown in the graphs:

Average SO2 emissions over a two-week period in 2021.


ELV (200 mg/Nm3)

ELV – Emission Limit Value (IPPC Permit number: 353-01-00372/2018-03, 10.07.2018.)

Nm³ – 273.15K temperature, 101.3 kPa pressure, dry gas, at 10% of oxygen