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The Best Local Projects Awarded in the For My Kosjerić 2020 Contest

For the eighth year in a row, the TITAN Cementara Kosjerić has presented awards for the best local projects at the “For my Kosjerić” contest, where 75 projects have been implemented so far, with a total financial support by the company of over 140,000 euros.

At this year’s contest, out of a total of 19 projects submitted, as many as seven received awards, which contribute in the best way to a better quality of life in Kosjerić.

The best project in culture is:

  • 16th International Arts Camp” of “K-Town Group” NGO the aim of which is, like in previous years, to gather a large number of young and talented people from Serbia and all over the world, and train the participants through workshops related to different fields of art, promoting their artistic creation.

The winners in education are:

  • Little Researchers” of “Olga Grbić” Preschool Institution, whose idea is to establish a research centre in the kindergarten, thus encouraging children to engage in research, be creative and learn independently through play and development of critical opinion.
  • Hiking Kids” project of the Hiking and Environmental Society “Subjel” from Kosjerić is aimed at organizing hiking activities and train the beneficiaries in hiking, environment and first aid. Apart from children from the first and the second grade of primary school, the children from older and preschool groups of “Olga Grbić” Preschool Institution will also participate in the activities. The idea is to include parents in the educational and hiking activities as well.
  • Volleyball in the Schoolyard” of “Jordan Đukanović” Primary School includes renovation of the volleyball court and the improvement of the conditions in the schoolyard of the school in Varda. The plan is to build a volleyball court with small grandstands in order to contribute to better and safer extracurricular activities. Within this project, the traditional tournaments with parents and “Games Without Borders” will take part on the court.
  • SIGMA – Base of Excellence 2020“ of Ko.Aktiva NGO is a project initiative that consists of education, development and promotion of skills of co-citizens in several strategic areas: healthy living styles and the significance of sports and recreation, learning new technologies, promotion of communication skills and knowledge of foreign languages.

The best projects in the field of social welfare are the following:

  • Walk With Your Heart” of the Cerebral Palsy and Polio Association, the aim of which is to promote the status of children and persons with disabilities, members of the Association. One of the planned project activities is to engage members in the activities like creating the products to be marketed through various events in our town.
  • Health is the Greatest Wealth” of “Dimitrije Pitović“ Health Center from Kosjerić includes organizing health and educational workshops and the procurement of an ultrasound to be used for early detection of hip impairments. The mentioned method is the best prevention in terms of elimination of this developmental impairment.


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