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TCK Green Day 2013

Suvo vrelo limestone quarry, which is the part of Titan Cementara Kosjeric plant complex, was recently enriched by 80 pyramidal maple tree seedlings. Since this seedling is suitable for steep terrains and impervious to drought and cold weather conditions, it is to contribute to landscape exuberance and regeneration of the natural resources, in accordance to the principle of sustainable development which stands for meeting needs of present generations without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own ones. Responsibility for general welfare of the community is tangible in all segments of company’s activities, recognized in its consistency concerning corporate social behavior referred to as fundamental values of contemporary corporate operations.

Cementara’s continuous engagement  in solving the issues of a broader interest, is reflected in the most recent volunteering green belt activity of limestone quarry, held on November 2, 2013. The afforestation was organized by the employees from Sales and Procurement Departments, wholeheartedly supported by their colleagues from Maintenance and Occupational Health and Safety Departments. This initiative summoned numerous fellow citizens: loyal customers of Titan’s products, Associations of bee-keepers and hunters, representatives of popular sports clubs and inevitable mountaineers. The members of the employees joined the activity with the effect of summoning volunteers of all generations in the activity of enriching Suvo vrelo quarry, thus promoting the spirit of common concern for the environment.

Having gathered for the same task, the participants of the Greenbelt activity continued socializing through entertainment on the parking lot of the plant. Maple tree seedlings were replaced by sports equipment in competitive games such as free throws, darts, rope pulling, while all interested visitors were enabled to take a plant tour, professionally guided by our colleagues.

Positive reviews and volunteers satisfaction regarding mutual cooperation of a useful planting in the area of mining exploitation provides incentives for further TCK activities of this kind, with a view to mutually taking care of the environment and  society we live in.


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