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Study Tour to Titan cement plant in Bulgaria

TCK demonstrates its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility with the local community through permanent interaction and exchange of information. Recent study tour in Bulgaria and visit of TITAN cement plant Zlatna Plant will contribute to cooperation with the local community.  This study tour organized by TCK for representatives of the municipal administration, local organizations, TCK’s Advisory Committee and TCK’s management, took place from March 28 to 31, 2013. The delegation consisted of 15 members.

Study tour participants visited Zlatna Panega cement plant and learned about its long term business strategy, focused on the Corporate Social Responsibility and shared values with the local community. Their mutual interest is to care for the environment and safety, and improve the quality of life.

The study tour to Bulgaria was intended to provide an opportunity for local representatives to learn about another Titan’s operation in the region, which uses modern technologies and generates energy for cement production. On March 29, the delegation spent the whole day visiting Zlatna Panega plant and discussing with experts from the plant and Titan’s daughter-company GAEA (Green Alternative Energy Assets), engaged in waste utilization and alternative fuels.  The participants were given an opportunity to see a number of technology solutions developed in the cement industry for generation of energy from waste (municipal and non-hazardous industrial waste) which cannot be recycled or reused, but can ensure the quality of cement. The application of this technology reduces impacts on the environment and volume of waste that is safely stored instead of being permanently disposed of in a landfill.

Learning about the operation and production process of the cement plant in Bulgaria is important for further development of communication between TCK and its local community. The participants of this useful study tour were thoroughly informed about the use of alternative fuels in the cement production from the perspective of environmental protection, production process improvement and reduction of reliance on non-renewable energy resources.

TCK builds its operation on responsible attitude towards the immediate environment. Its ambitiously set high standards will be improved through continuous actions of social responsibility, transparent information and dialogue with the local community.


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