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Solidarity for a Better Classroom

Following the volunteer actions in the local community – arranging the rooms of Han, the oldest preserved building in our area, and painting the courtyard fence in the “Olga Grbić” pre-school institution – TITAN Cementara Kosjerić, according to the principles of corporate social responsibility, prepared and organised another voluntary activity for improving the living environment of its fellow citizens. This time, the target of the joint effort was a classroom at the “Mito Igumanović” Primary School. The renovation of the premises, carried out on 26 August, was supported by more than 50 participants: TCK’s employees, pupils, teachers, auxiliary staff of the school, and parents of primary school pupils, who devoted their time and effort to creating better conditions for pupils in the new school year.

As before, in line with Titan’s “Safety above all” principle, before the start of the works, on behalf of the organisers, the volunteers were addressed by Environmental Protection Manager and Health and Safety Manager, who briefly presented the basic safety rules and pointed out possible hazards and injuries at work. Also, working material, tools and personal protective equipment were provided: gloves and respirators, as well as recognisable t-shirts with the company logo, to remind of joint action and socializing.

In a great working atmosphere, with refreshments and sandwich breaks, the rearranged classroom gained a new shine and functionality. The volunteers painted the walls, replaced the wooden parts of desks and chairs, painted metal structures, repolished the panelling, and refined the school blackboard with a special paint, so our young friends, future engineers, professors, doctors, and other experts, can solve the school tasks with more enthusiasm. It has been proven once again that without major financial resources, and with a little goodwill and free time, a great deal can be done for the general well-being.

We thank all the colleagues who took part in the action, and we invite other TCK staff to join us in the subsequent solidarity initiatives.


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