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Prizes Awarded for the Best Projects in the For My Kosjerić 2014 Contest

Titan Cementara Kosjeric awarded prizes for best projects in the For My Kosjerić 2014 contest at a ceremony organised at Park Restaurant. The contest for the development of cultural affairs, ecology, education, and social inclusion, was announced on February 1 and it ended on February 21, 2014. This year, 17 organisations entered 23 of their projects, out of which 9 will have the chance to implement their ideas, including, in cultural affairs, “Vekovnik – Your Future’s Keeper”, Mito Igumanović Primary School, and “BUM 31260 #3”, by NGO Ko.AKTIVA; in ecology Ko.AKTIVA’s “ECO Kosjeric”, and “Eco-Jungle With Health Trail”, the Olga Grbic Preschool Project, in education “Kids Mountaineering Camp” of Mountaineering Association “Subjel”, the “Kosjeric Science Camp”, of NGO Ko.AKTIVA, and “Improving the Honey Flora” by Miladin Zaric Miso, local Beekeepers Association; in social care and inclusion “We Are Among You”, the Children’s Association for Cerebral and Children Palsy, and the “Daily Centre for the Elderly”, Association of Retirees.

The total prize money that Titan Cementara Kosjeric provided for the contest is over € 20,000 EUR, and the recipients of the awards will sign contracts with the company.

Miroslav Gligorijevic, General Manager of TCK, congratulated the winners and expressed his gratitude to all those who took part in the contest: “One of the basic postulates of our business is fostering an open dialogue with the local community on all issues that are of interest to both sides, which is why we have launched several initiatives involving our fellow townspeople. This contest is an important step in our policy of Corporate Social Responsibility, implemented in cooperation with all local authorities and institutions, by supporting projects that contribute to local community development. Since 2002, our company’s investments in the local community have exceeded € 15 million. The For My Kosjeric contest has become a tradition, and we intend to repeat it year after year, anticipating your interesting and original projects, and I believe that together we will wake up and rejuvenate the town of Kosjeric.”

Last year’s winners of the For My Kosjeric contest presented their achievements and results of the projects, encouraging individuals and organisations to get involved and use their energy for the promotion and development of the local community. One of the judges praised the number of applications and pointed out that this year the judges had a tough decision to make, as most of the projects met some of the key selection criteria such as longevity, solving real problems, delivering real benefits for the townspeople, as well as compliance of the projects to the values of Titan Cementara Kosjeric.

“Our intention is to engage as many townspeople more actively in solving problems and challenges in the local community, and thus to promote common values: sustainability, responsibility, education, innovation, and improvement in all areas. Those who participated in the contest prepared great projects and we expect to see the results in a similar gathering next year, as well as the awards for new, better, and more advanced ideas. Titan Cementara Kosjeric will continue to support and promote creative and useful ideas. We expect that we will have support from the entire local community. We will try to make such activities a tradition, and by taking such steps create a better environment for all, together”, Ljiljana Spasojević, Human Resources Manager and a Coordinator of the For My Kosjerić contest said to the press.


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