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Modern Bag Filter Installation – Kiln and Raw Mill

The environmental protection is the crucial element of our sustainable business model. We constantly strive to make our operation as efficient as possible and reduce the impact on the natural environment through dedicated efforts.

In accordance with its long-term commitment to continuously promoting results in the environmental protection area, TITAN Cementara Kosjerić has invested funds in installation of a modern bag filter on the raw material kiln and raw mill. Within our comprehensive overhaul of the kiln, we have funded activities that contribute to improving the safety of operation, quality of products and measures in preservation of the natural surroundings. Having that goal in mind, we have allotted almost EUR 2 million, of which investment in the installation of the new filter is most important. This investment will enable better service for our customers, and more importantly, it will additionally increase the existing high levels of the environmental protection.
Major progress in applying the new generation of filter is the elimination of short-term ESP CO trips in the event of elevated concentrations of carbon monoxide. The new filter resolve this and ensure the highest level of protection, regardless of changes in plant operation modes.
The high criteria we have set in the field of the environmental protection are supported by continuous investments and consequent visible results, which we follow and promote constantly. In all aspects of the impact on the natural environment, achievements of TCK are far better than the statutory limits.



In the last two years, the engineering team of TCK invested significant efforts in designing, together with experts from Italy’s “RD42 Engineering”, a solution that would additionally promote purification of emission gases from our rotary kiln. The joint work resulted in the selection of the best available technology and installation, preparation of the necessary design documentation, and delivery of the equipment. In the period of the winter overhaul, “Bosnamontaža” was engaged for the installation works of the new filter, which was activated in early March 2021. Justification of this investment has been proved through the results of continuous monitoring of emissions and control measurements, which have shown excellent environmental protection quality.

Automated emission metres in our plant have been installed on all main emitters of emissions in the air. In this way we ensure availability of real-time indicators of emissions in the air, which enables us to take preventive activities with a purpose of maintaining emissions below limit values. The 15-day average values of emissions measured on the emitter on the rotary kiln are published on the company website: https://www.titan.rs/ekomonitor, and transparency of this information is one of the types of communications with our stakeholders.

Confident in the environmental benefits of the use of alternative fuels in the production of cement, with the installation of the new filter, we have created the most important conditions for safe use of alternative fuels in our plant.

With the completion of this major project, TITAN Cementara Kosjerić accomplishes great progress in its strategy for optimisation of production processes and modernisation of the plant so that the environmental impact is minimised. The new filter significantly improves the existing system of reducing air emissions and guarantees that our environmental performance is in line with the strict requirements of European legislation.

TITAN Cementara Kosjerić remains committed to operation in a manner that does not jeopardise others, which creates new value for our customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders as well as the wider social community.



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