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We donate modern computer equipment to improve the health of our fellow citizens

At the meeting held in the town of Kosjerić on June 3, 2019, TITAN Cementara Kosjerić handed over to the Municipal Health Centre ten computer stations worth over 370,000 dinars in the presence of the local authorities’ representatives and the directors of the Health Centres of the city of Užice and the town of Kosjerić. This is just one of many donations our company has made. Namely, we have previously helped the local health unit by providing a boiler, computer equipment, a infantometer, as well as the simultaneous financial support for the Health Centre of Užice.

The modern computer equipment will replace one third of the outdated technological devices in the Health Centre, as pointed out by Jasmina Đorđević, the director of the institution, who highlighted the importance of the new computer devices for the future development of the healthcare service in the town of Kosjerić: “The gift by TITAN Cementara Kosjerić will greatly facilitate the day-to-day work of our institution and contribute to taking the already excellent medical care of our fellow citizens to an even higher level of quality.

The need for the continual connection of social projects and business interests, as an integral part of the practice in our company, was highlighted by Miroslav Gligorijević, TCK’s General Manager: “TITAN Cementara Kosjerić is ready to support and happy to have a chance to help the community. We hope this donation will contribute to a better quality health service and we will continue to support such initiatives in order to improve our fellow citizens’ quality of life.


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