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We build our future together

TITAN Group has published its fifth Integrated Annual Report, for 2016, and launched the appropriate website, which presents data on progress achieved in the area of sustainable development.


The Integrated Report presents a precise overview of financial and non-financial data at the TITAN Group level, which operates in four geographical areas: America, Greece and Western Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Middle East Mediterranean. Through numerous examples, illustrations, and case studies, it is shown how the company develops and realises its cooperation with stakeholders, with the aim of building a better future.

A special emphasis is placed on showing the continued support that TITAN provides to talented, young people. Last year, the company improved its existing and launched new development programmes of education and professional practice, in cooperation with the European Youth Pact.

TITAN Group has strengthened its priorities and improved strategies focused on profitability and growth, with commitment to the long-term sustainability of its business.

You can read and download the 2016 Integrated TITAN Group Annual Report on the Group’s website.


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