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Wastewater treatment facility

We have implemented the project for reconstruction of existing sewage system and construction of wastewater treatment plant.

Reconstruction of existing sewage system means that all four discharge pipes attached to Titan Cementara Kosjerić  are now diverted into a single wastewater collection pipeline which then takes industrial, storm and drainage wastewater to the treatment plant.

The waste water treatment plant consists of two independent subsystems – plant for sanitary waste water treatment and plant for industrial, storm and drainage wastewater treatment.

After preliminary cleaning in the sedimentation system within Cementara, industrial, storm and drainage wastewaters are taken through gravity flow sewer pipes, for treatment in two lines (100 l/s each), where wastewaters pass through gravitational sedimentation, and then go through separators which remove the oils and fats.

The process of sanitary wastewater treatment begins with mechanical treatment, followed by separation of oils and fats. Finally, biological treatment takes place, i.e. deep aeration process and decomposition of particulate organic matter by micro-organisms that use the organic matter as food.

Treated water from both plants is brought to a collection sump from which, after measuring the volume, cumulative collector takes it to Skrapež river.

Water quality measurement is conducted by certified professional organization, four times a year.


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