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The Tale of a Frozen Lake performed by

The Tale of a Frozen Lake was performed by “ČARAPA” Children’s Theater from Belgrade in the House of Culture in Kosjerić.
It’s winter. Near a small lake, somewhere near a small town, merry group is getting ready for New Year’s Eve. Little girl Aljenka and Auguste clown, playful forest animals, hedgehog Ješko and ducks, trained Frog Chorus, eagerly decorate their home.

But no one has invited the jealous Fox to the celebration … so the fox decides to take revenge. Turning the forces of nature for the benefit of his evil intentions, he blankets the nature with ice and blocks the Santa Claus’s road with heavy barricades…

How shall our merry group deal with the fox? It will be possible only when children join to help the merry group.
A romantic, edifying interactive fairy tale, with lots of music, beautiful scenery and gorgeous costumes, takes children away from aggression and mere fun that they are constantly exposed to by modern media, and takes them back to the real world of eternal values.


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