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The Best Local Projects Awarded in the For My Kosjerić 2019 Contest

For the seventh year in a row, the TITAN Cement Plant Kosjerić has presented awards for the best local projects at the “For my Kosjerić” contest, where 65 projects have been implemented so far, with a total financial support by the company of over 120,000 euros.

TITAN Cement Plant Kosjerić has ceremoniously marked the delivery of over 20,000 euros within the “For my Kosjerić” contest, thus continuing its long-term initiative of socially responsible business through close cooperation and support for local institutions and organisations. The programmes and investments within this contest aim to establish education conditions of the highest quality, promote cultural and artistic life, raise the level of social protection and inclusion, and improve the environment.

“The ‘For my Kosjerić’ contest is an important part of our sustainable development policy, which we are implementing through cooperation with all local institutions and organisations, thus supporting the inclusion of fellow citizens, networking between organisations, and empowering local resources. The budget, which exceeds 20,000 euros this year, will help realise projects in line with our corporate values and the development strategy of the Kosjerić Municipality. Sincerely devoted to a responsible impact on the environment and the development of the town in which we are doing business, we strive to achieve good results based on the principles of trust, transparent communication, and well-known values”, Miroslav Gligorijević, General Manager of TITAN Cementara Kosjerić, emphasised.

At this year’s contest, out of a total of 28 projects submitted, as many as ten received awards, which contribute in the best way to a better quality of life in Kosjerić. In the field of culture, this year the following projects have been awarded: “15th International Art Camp Kosjerić” by the “K-Town Group” Citizens’ Association and the “V Small Peasant Shoe Children’s Folklore Festival” by CAS Maksim Marković Kosjerić. In the field of education, the winners are: “The Corner of Knowledge and Practice – Sequel” by the “Olga Grbić” Pre-School Institution, “Apiedukacija” by the “Miladin Zarić – Mišo” Beekeepers’ Association, “Incubator: Active Zone” by NGO Ko.Aktiva, “Hand Under Hand” by CAS Maksim Marković Kosjerić, “Computer Modelling Workshop” by PS “Mito Igumanović” from Kosjerić and “Mobile Multimedia Classroom” by the Kosjerić Teachers Association. In the field of ecology, the project “In Your Village Again – Eco Caravan” by the “Subjel” Mountaineering Ecological Society was awarded, and in the area of social protection and inclusion, the project “Battle for a Smile 2” of the Society for Cerebral and Child Paralysis from Kosjerić won.


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