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The Best Local Projects Awarded in the For My Kosjerić 2018 Contest

For the sixth consecutive year the best projects have been rewarded in the competition “For My Kosjerić”, with more than 50 projects realised so far and the total financial support of the Company in the amount of over 100,000 EUR.
TITAN Cementara Kosjerić held the ceremony of awarding money grants in the amount of 20,000 EUR within the competition “For My Kosjerić”, continuing the long-standing initiative of socially responsible business through close cooperation and support of local institutions and organisations. The programmes and investments through this competition are directed at establishing the best quality conditions of education, promoting cultural and art life, increasing the level of social protection and inclusion as well as at improving the environment.
“The competition “For My Kosjerić” is an important segment of our sustainable development policy which we implement with local organisations, institutions and citizen associations, thus supporting the involvement of our fellow citizens, networking of organisations, development and use of local resources. Being truly committed to a responsible impact on the environment and the development of the city in which we live and work, we strive to achieve good results based on the principles of trust and transparent communication,” Miroslav Gligorijević, General Manager of TITAN Cementara Kosjerić, emphasised.
At this year’s competition, out of a total number of 28 submitted projects, as many as fourteen were rewarded because they contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in Kosjerić in the best possible manner. In the field of culture, this year the following projects were rewarded: “Theatre Corner” of the Teachers’ Association, “Mobile Stage” of Elementary School “Mito Igumanović” Kosjerić, Folklore Festival “Little Peasant Shoe“ of Cultural and Art Society “Maksim Marković”, “Avalon ̶ Planet of Knowledge” of NGO “Ko.AKTIVA“ as well as “Good night, Joja” of the National Library “Sreten Marić” Kosjerić. In the field of education the winners are: “School Atelier” of Elementary School “Jordan Đukanović” in Varda, “Knowledge against Addictive Diseases” in the organisation of Volunteer Association “SOS-KOS”, “Knowledge Keys” of the Technical School Kosjerić, “Knowledge and Exercise Corner” authored by Pre-school Institution “Olga Grbić”, “Young Hopes” of Cultural and Art Society “Maksim Marković” and “Education Centre Incubator” of NGO “Ko.AKTIVA”. In the field of ecology the rewarded projects are “Our paths and roads” of the Mountaineering Ecological Society “Subjel” and “Save the Planet – Dispose Smartly” of Pre-school Institution “Olga Grbić”. The winner in the field of social protection and inclusion is the project “Fight for Smile” of the Association of Cerebral and Child Paralysis from Kosjerić.
This year’s award-granting ceremony for the best projects presented the results of the work of last year’s projects – the winners of the 2017 competition.


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