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The Best Local Projects Awarded in the For My Kosjerić 2015 Contest

TITAN Cementara Kosjerić awarded the best projects at the “For my Kosjerić” contest. 27 applications were received in the course of the competition, 11 of which will have the opportunity to realise their ideas.

The jury, composed of representatives of the company and the local community, has awarded the following projects: in the field of culture, the best were “Pozorištance na Vardi” (“The little theatre on Varda”) of the Primary School “Jordan Đukanović”; “Odjeci – život i stvaralaštvo Lize Marić Križanić” (“Echoes – life and work of Liza Marić Križanić” of the Tourist Organisation of Kosjerić Municipality; “BUM 31260 #4” of the NGO Ko.AKTIVA; The folklore festival “Mali opanak” (“The small peasant shoe”) of the Cultural and artistic society “Maksim Marković”, and “Sveštenik i učitelj Miladin Mišo Zarić” (“The priest and teacher Miladin Mišo Zarić”) of the Organisation of the descendants of warriors in liberation wars 1912-1920. In the field of environmental protection, the winners were “Dečiji ekološki karavan 2015” (“Children’s environmental caravan 2015”) of the Mountaineering and environmental association “Subjel”, and “Upravljanje otpadom” (“Waste Management”) of the Primary School “Mito Igumanović”. In the field of education, the following projects have been awarded: “Biblioteka u Vrtiću“ (“Library in the kindergarten”) of the Pre-school institution “Olga Grbić”; Ko.AKTIVA’s project “Svi na Poligon!“ (“All to the Polygon”), and “The weather observation station ─ IKAR” of the Primary School “Mito Igumanović”. In the field of social protection and inclusion, the award was received by the Organisation of the blind Kosjerić, for their project proposal “Znam da i ja mogu” (“I know I can too”).

The total amount of allocated funds exceeds 20,000 euros.

Miroslav Gligorijević, the General Manager of TITAN Cementara Kosjerić, congratulated the winners and expressed his gratitude to all the participants in the competition: “One of the fundamental principles on which we base our business is the cherishing of an open dialogue with the local community, in respect of all issues of common interest, and the “For my Kosjerić” contest is just another aspect of our efforts to encourage all citizens to jointly facilitate the achievement of better living conditions. We hope that the awarded projects will this year also contribute to this. All our investment in the local community aims to support and help ideas that improve the quality of life in Kosjerić and ensure sustainable development. We believe that collaboration, inclusion, transparent communication, and general welfare are the conditions for good business performance, just as good business results are the prerequisite for a better life and a better society”.

The representative of the jury, Ivana Matović, the Quality Manager at TITAN Cementara Kosjerić, commended a large number of applications, and stressed that this year the quality of the projects has significantly improved in comparison to previous years, in response to the most important selection criteria, such as longevity, solution to specific problems, achievement of benefits for citizens, sustainability, and compliance of the project with the values of TITAN Cementara Kosjerić.

Last year’s winners of the “For my Kosjerić” contest presented their achievements and results of the projects, encouraging citizens and organisations to get involved and use their energy for the improvement and development of local community.


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