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TCK Presented its 2014 Sustainable Development Report

TITAN Cementara Kosjerić prepared the 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report in accordance with the latest guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative, for the core level of compliance. This way, we presented 74 indicators of sustainable business, the company has successfully maintained the progress achieved by increasing the transparency of reporting, and the contents of the Report were verified by independent auditors from the auditing company KPMG.


“Our 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report is substantially more comprehensive and complete than previous reports and it presents our results in a clear manner, which affirms our commitment to continually improving our business operations, as well as cooperation and open dialogue with all of society’s stakeholders. Guided by the principles of sustainable development, we will continue the practice of investing in our employees, society and the environment, and we will insist on ethical and transparent business operations so we may serve as an example not only to our partners with whom we cooperate on a daily basis, but to all companies in Serbia,” said Miroslav Gligorijević, the General Manager of TITAN Cementara Kosjerić.

In the previous year, almost 220,000 euros were invested in local community development programmes, and our key priorities were to improve and maintain good environmental results, take care of our employees and provide training with an emphasis on safety. Professional employee development and training has resulted in the company achieving two full years without a single injury at work, and the we received two awards in this area – the TITAN Group award for the best occupational health and safety performance and the 28th of April Charter, which is awarded by the Occupational Health and Safety Directorate of the Serbian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. In addition to the substantial aid, in both materials and money, which the company and its employees gave to the local community during last year’s floods, a further 35,000 euros were raised through donations by employees across the entire TITAN Group for post-flood cleaning and repair work in Obrenovac.

Sustainability Manager at Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS), and Audit and Sustainable Development Services Manager at KPMG, also gave their own comments on the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Our 2014 Report was prepared in accordance with the guidelines of GRI G4 – for the core level of compliance. These are the latest guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) which will become obligatory for companies which apply them as of 1 January 2016, i.e. for 2015 reports.

The full Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Report by TITAN Cementara Kosjerić can be downloaded here, and for more information on GRI standards, please visit the website: www.globalreporting.org.


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