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TCK has presented its 2011 CSR and Sustainability Report

Titan Cementara Kosjeric, the first company to obtain IPPC permit in Serbia in accordance with the Law on Integrated Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control, which invested over 55 million euros in its business development in the past 10 years, formally presented its 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report. The report was prepared in accordance with internationally accepted Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines and received a C + rating. It went through the verification process of the independent auditing firm KPMG.

Miroslav Gligorijevic, TCK Chief Executive Officer, presented the report, after which the audience was addressed by Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of Titan Group and KPMG representative. The formal announcement of the Report was followed by three roundtables organized around the following topics: Environmental Protection, Cooperation with the Local Community and Reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, at which the TCK representatives, local partners and stakeholders kept an open dialogue, exchanged experiences and discussed about opportunities and potential areas for further cooperation.

“Although 2011 was a year of economic uncertainty, TCK’s long-term commitment to collaboration with the environment we work in has proven to be valuable asset, whereas occupational health and safety, sustainable development and co-operation with the community have been broadly recognized. TCK’s successful communication policy was confirmed by broad interest in participating at three roundtables, continuation of dialogue with partners and institutionalized cooperation with stakeholders through relevant bodies. The results achieved in protecting and improving the environment enabled TCK to obtain the first IPPC permit in Serbia. At the same time, recognizing the importance of joint action, we continued to support the implementation of development initiatives in our municipality. The total value of funds invested in local community projects last year was over € 615,000. We continue to enhance occupational health and safety in order to create an environment in which safety culture of all employees is at the highest level”, said Miroslav Gligorijevic, Titan Cementara Kosjeric Chief Executive Officer.

Since 2002, out of € 55 million investment aimed at improving the working conditions, increasing the capacity and optimizing business processes, TITAN Cementara Kosjeric has invested over € 15 million in the Environmental Protection. TCK is committed to transparent communication on introducing alternative fuels in the production process, which can bring multiple benefits to the local community, the environment and TCK, emphasizing that alternative fuels have become an integral part of global sustainable development practices and TCK plans for future business development.

Click here to read the complete TCK Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report for 2011. More information on reporting in line with GRI standards can be found at: www.globalreporting.org.


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