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TCK excursions

In compliance with our policy for Corporate Social Responsibility focused on well-being of our people and their families we started to organize one-day trips in recent years. This year, we offered to our employees an opportunity to relax and enjoy in the immediate vicinity of Kosjerić, on 11 and 25 June.

Ambience and atmosfere of Mokra Gora and Drvengrad attract visitors to come again and again. Best local cuisine restaurant, movie in the famous Underground cinema, walking through the street named after a famous Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić, walking through the log-house village, visiting its central area and square, made our day complete.

A trip to ethnic village Stanišić was a new experience and an opportunity to see something unusual. On our way to Bosnia, the weather was good and we did not miss the opportunity to stop at one of the most beautiful spas in the Balkans – Banja Koviljača, which, being one of the oldest rehabilitation centers in Serbia, brings a smile upon its guests’ and visitors’ faces and peace to their hearts.

Desire to see a man-made “paradise”, as many refer to it, led us to this small ethnic village near Bijeljina. We took our cameras with us and captured the scene so that we can proudly show the pictures of places we visited and the scenes we saw.
Stanišić village has two types of scenes. One that shows the worldly life is made of log houses – chalets with furniture, while the other is spiritual – a set of replicas of historical and religious character.

Buildings are connected with paved stone paths that can take visitors to every part of the village they want to see. We were eager to see all parts of the village.


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