Titan Serbia



Being aware of importance of water as a valuable resource we are encouraged to manage this potential efficiently and sustainably. Accordingly, we are committed to mitigating the impacts of our activities on natural water resources as much as possible. After investing in a wastewater treatment plant (in 2010) and then in a water recirculation system (in 2014), we achieved a significant reduction in the specific water consumption in our plant.

We use water for industrial and sanitary needs as well as drinking water. For industrial purposes, we use water from the Skrapež River and collected atmospheric and drainage water, while for drinking and sanitary water we use water from the utility supply system.


In our process, we use industrial water solely as a cooling medium (cooling of materials, gases, equipment) and as water for washing roads, so that no waste process-technological waters are generated in our plant.


Since 2014, when the industrial water recirculation system was put into operation, we have significantly reduced the need to extract water from the Skrapež River, as this system enabled us to use the collected rainwater and drainage water for industrial purposes.


We have set high standards in the implementation of a water preservation system, so that all our wastewater, drainage and atmospheric waters are treated to the required level of quality prior to being discharged into the Skrapež River. The quality of treated wastewater is regularly monitored by authorised laboratories.