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Plant Open Day in TITAN Cementara Kosjeric on June 30

Dear fellow citizens,

On Saturday, 30 June at 10 a. m. we are organizing a 90 minute visit to our plant for all interested. Transport to the plant will be organized outside the Skrapez hotel at 9.50. This is the first time we are providing you with an opportunity to visit our plant, and it is our intention to continue the practice of strengthening the bond between the citizens of Kosjeric and the plant representatives on our premises.

The opening of our company to the local community is part of our long-term commitment, business strategy and managing transparency as our guiding principle. The goal of this visit is to open the door of our company for everybody, so that you could gain a clear insight into the nature of the manufacturing process, as well as our actions taken to preserve the environment, maintain health and ensure safety at work. During the visit you will have an opportunity to find out more about the investments and improvements we have made in different areas of our business and production process.

Those interested can book their visits by dialing 590 316 or sending an email to csr@titan.rs. Bookings can also be made through contact page on our website. Confirmations will be sent shortly. Applications are received until 29 June 12 o’clock, but since the number of visitors is limited for justifiable reasons, all interested fellow citizens will be provided with another visit at short notice.

Welcome to TCK!


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