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Our Community – Our Responsibility

On December 12, Titan Cement Kosjerić organized a stakeholder meeting “Our Community – Our Responsibility”, for representatives of the major stakeholders of society at large, in order to jointly identify the most important topics we could focus on in the future CSRS reports. A materiality assessment is an important step in defining the content of CSRS reports, and the engagement of key stakeholders will help the company identify reasonable stakeholders’ needs and expectations and respond to them.

At this all-day meeting we sought an answer to the question  “What five topics we think are critical for the future of local development?“ and had the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions through active participation of all participants. In this way, we created the synergy needed to build trust and transparent dialogue between the company and community. Group work enabled all participants to include effectively and create a positive atmosphere which produced results. Stakeholders were most interested in activities carried out by the company in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, as well as in the long-term opportunities of such dialogue with the company.

The forum, “Our Community – Our Responsibility” was attended by representatives of employees, our customers, suppliers, local institutions and organizations.


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