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Open Day ─ Interaction with the community

With the organization of the Open Door Day event, which has been integrated into our policy of sustainable development, Titan Cementara Kosjerić seeks to strengthen ties between itself, the community and our associates by contributing to better quality collaboration with the environment. This event, which is filled with a rich array of educational programs, children’s programs as well as other entertainment, calls forth all those interested to visit our plant during this day-long social event and get to know how our company is organized.

This year’s gathering between Titan’s staff and guests was organized on 24 September 2016 and offered a tour of our plant’s facilities and command center, where Cementara’s experts provided our visitors with detailed insight into our production process and the modern installations and technology that allows us to produce cement which is in accordance with environmental standards. Visitors watched a presentation on TCK’s production cycle as well as a video on the plant’s history, which began in 1976 and this was another opportunity for us to mark 40 years of business and existence of the Kosjerić Cementara in the marketplace. Special attention was paid to ensuring that the event included entertainment and fun for the youngest among us, who were thrilled to participate in mini football, drawing and other entertaining team games. The children will be reminded of these activities by the symbolic tokens that were presented to each of our guests.

Nearly 140 visitors from the local communities attended TCK’s event this year, including representatives of elementary schools, buyers and suppliers and their interest in this event contributed to the implementation of the company’s CSR policy, which includes raising the awareness of transparent and open communication with the local community.


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