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Mutual trust is the key to working with the community

In the series of social activities that help the TITAN Cementara Kosjerić strengthen the trust of citizens over the years, the Plant Open Day has a special significance for the factory and for the local community, when the company employees warmly welcome their business partners, municipal representatives and all interested members of the community of different professions and age. The opportunity for visitors to visit the very source of knowledge of production and business processes on that day is one way the Cementara presents the key aspects of its work to the community transparently.

At this year’s fourth event, organised on Sunday, 15 September, we provided up-to-date information on our activities and socialised and had fun with more than two hundred guests. We believe that the event made a strong impression on the children, to whom, as before, we devoted the most attention, designing interesting educational, sports and recreational activities, such as: maths and creative workshops, basketball with protective equipment, and other sports disciplines.

This time, the factory area tour programme was enriched with more comprehensive content. Instead of an earlier walking tour, we introduced a shuttle, which, as a new event attraction, travelled from the TCK plateau to the limestone open cut mining area and, on the way back, stopped at the crushing plant, at the command centre, and in the laboratory, where our colleagues gave the visitors a more detailed explanation of the company’s production and business organisation.

We would like to thank all the guests with whom we shared beneficial and enjoyable moments. We hope that we will continue to improve our cooperation through various forms of support and understanding, for the sake of mutual satisfaction and the prosperity of the community.


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