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Corporate Social Responsibility – 2010 results

The results related to CSR in Titan Cement Kosjerić were presented in Kosjerić. Miroslav Gligorijević, TCK CEO, presented to the audience dominant areas and results, highlighting the achievements in safety and occupational health, environmental improvements and cooperation with the local community.

Highlights of his presentation:

“Intensified cooperation with the local community and further investments will be our priority in the coming period as well. We will continue implementing an active policy of establishing the safe working environment, with no injuries at work, and investing in environmental protection, including further reduction of air and water emission and lower use of fossil fuels by replacing them with fuels produced from harmless communal and packaging waste. We will strive to continue cooperating with the local community by supporting local projects and having transparent communication of all issues of common interest. As a company focused on CSR, we believe that international expertise applied at the local market and engagement of local resources will contribute to the general benefit of the community”.


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