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CE mark – a pathway to the EU market

In 1985, the European Union began to develop a uniform marking requirement known as the CE Marking System, in order to enable free movement of goods among the EU member states and remove trade barriers. Letters CE are an abbreviation of the French term “Conformite Europeen”, meaning a product conforms to the high safety and quality standards set forth by the European Union.

The mark indicates that the product conforms to the applicable European legislation related to health, safety, environmental and consumer protection and, as such, it may be present in the European Union and EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Norway).

In mid-May 2011, Titan Cementara Kosjerić entered into the procedure for obtaining the CE marking for two types of portland composite cement products: CEM II/B-M(V-L) 42,5R – according to SRPS B.C1.011:2001 marked as PC 35M(V-L) 42,5R and CEM II/A-S 42,5N – according to SRPS B.C1.011:2001 marked as PC 20S 42,5N.

Our application was approved on June 24, 2011, which means that cement produced by Titan Cementara Kosjerić, bearing the CE mark, can travel to the EU market!


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