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Castels of Vojvodina

At the beginning of September, we took a trip to visit the lowland region of Vojvodina. We began our trip by visiting the beautiful city at the foot of Fruška Gora Mountain, on the banks of the Danube River… Novi Sad, a city with the rich history, spirit and special energy that has so much to offer to its visitors. Strolling along the pedestrian street, accompanied by a local guide, we got the chance to learn about the city. We visited the Catholic Cathedral on Svetozar Miletić square and Orthodox Cathedral Church. Petrovaradin Fortress with its distinctive feature – the clock tower is an unavoidable place for visitors. The big hand of the clock counts the hours, while the small one counts the minutes, because the hours had to be visible from long distance by soldiers on the Danube River for changing of guard.

Wide village streets lined with green trees and houses decorated with colorful tiles and beautifully tended flower gardens and lawns, welcomed us in Bački Petrovac, where we tasted delicious Petrovac sausage, in the ethno house “Ahoj“. Petrovac sausage is a famous meat product which found its way all over the world. This very hot and spicy homemade sausage is often called “dragon’s sausage“.

Historically this area was known as a crossroad of various cultures, spirit of which can be felt at exhibitions in the Museum of Agriculture, located in Dunđerski Castle in Kulpin. A fairytale park of this classic castle from the beginning of the 19th century is a master piece of garden art.

Eagerly waiting for the next trip, we still joyfully recount our adventures from the last one.


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