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Another victory in the spirit of shared values

TITAN Cementara Kosjerić Sports Days are a recognisable expression of the effectiveness of our sustainable development policy, which we express through cooperation with all local associations, organisations and institutions in order to, through joint activities, support the involvement of citizens and organisation networking, forming equal and effective communication between TCK and the environment in which we live and operate.

Walking Action, which each year marks the beginning of the Plant’s sports and recreational events, covered the 10-km-long route from the city’s Olympic fountain over Banjica and Brajkovačka čeka, to the Stojanić household in Stojići. That each area of untouched nature in our region invigorates the mind and body, and provides immense pleasure of movement, was experienced by some 80 participants in this walking tour, which, as before, was devised by the “Subjel” Mountaineering and Ecological Society, one of the leading promoters of physical and health education of all generations in Kosjerić and Titan’s long-time collaborator in this field.

What followed was a period of sporting competitions and, in a five-day series, the stands of the city hall gymnasium resounded with the sound of fans cheering on their favourites in futsal, volleyball, chess, table tennis, darts and archery. Over 150 participants, as teams and individuals, in the spirit of fair play and honourable rivalry, did their best to animate the audience and draw attention to the importance of physical activity, healthy living, social and team involvement. Certificates of appreciation and gifts rewarded the efforts of competitors, judges and organisers, who used the example of this sporting event to show that every participant can be a useful member of the team if they have the opportunity to fully express their potential.

The stimulating mutual relationships that we nurture in our collective, as well as with associates, partners and all other stakeholders – opens the space for the development of human and professional potentials and are a prerequisite to success in all the business areas of TCK. We transfer this concept to the environment and strive to revive it in all areas of our influence. Therefore, we are proud that “TCK Sports Days” popularise the values we care about among a large number of our fellow-citizens: commitment to health and psychophysical condition, collective cohesion, and team commitment, which is a guarantee of good achievements in all fields of work.

At the beginning of its fifth decade of existence, Titan Cementara Kosjerić celebrated its birthday with a solemn gathering attended by company employees, representatives of municipal bodies, organisations and institutions, as well as other partners with whom the Plant cooperates. On this occasion, the results of previous work and the further business orientation of the company were presented. This promotion gets its true meaning in touch with citizens, with whom TCK shares its business ideas, while respecting the feedback suggestions directed towards achieving better living conditions in the community.


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