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Alternative Materials Use Innovation

Continued TCK efforts and searching for the ways of how to preserve the natural resource as much as possible, resulted, inter alia, in replacing use of raw material – bauxite with alternative material – secondary raw material – dry ash. In this way, in the future, we are going to provide production which, in one part, requires less consumption of heat and electrical energy.
Before this idea has been brought to reality, there was a dry ash open shelter in the plant which had an impact on working environment. This fact was sufficient for company, as one of the environmental leaders in this part of Europe, to react in order to accommodate the ashes by building closed storage – a silo. Its capacity is 300 t, and it is resting on reinforced concrete structure with 8 concrete poles deep around 16m.
The entire project is result of creative and innovative ideas by company’s team who had to respond to different kind of challenges in the realization process. First of all, a new solution was to be implemented, physically and procedurally, into already automatized system for continuous quality control of raw meal, in the manner that could not impact the production technique nor disturb it.
Besides reducing the impacts on immediate environment by removing open shelter, Titan Cementara Kosjeric demonstrated its long term orientation to responsible actions on the national level, too. The contribution to solving problem of by-products in power plant is obvious, since ash, process waste in energy produce, returned for re-use as additive in cement production. The fact that the ash from companies that don’t have solution for its disposal is used, shows significant benefits for state ecology from this project.


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