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A Wholehearted Titan’s Support for the First Professional Steps

Corporate Social Responsibility, a building element of Titan’s leading idea, has been constantly reaffirmed through respect toward the local community and support for its development. In this sense, the company makes a particular contribution by enabling high school and college students and graduates to do their internships at the company and acquire new knowledge and skills in the immediate working environment to serve them in their future career. It is envisaged for the professional development of the young from Kosjerić; the three-month programme “Knowledge for challenges – creating a culture of continuous learning” provides a chance for the application of university knowledge through learning business procedures, implementing regulations, and concrete work tasks.

Based on this year’s announcement published in May for the training of graduates of various educational degrees at TCK, through a comprehensive evaluation of CVs, motivation letters and interviews with the short-listed candidates, seven candidates were selected who were made familiar with the functioning of all organisational units in the company through Induction programme; later they were assigned to the posts that they had applied for.

For already two years, the internship programme at TCK provides more than expected by the participants, which the candidates of this year’s selection have proven. It was their honour to make their first professional steps in Titan, recognisable also by the openness for internships of the young, so that as many college students and graduates as possible have a chance to advance their professional abilities and acquire valuable work experience.


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