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A Holiday Season Illuminated with Kindness and Imagination

In the spirit of the proverb “good habits should never be altered”, it was with great pleasure that we took it upon ourselves to once again organise the traditional Santa Clause get-together for our colleagues and their children. Gifts, hidden behind a huge golden-blue Christmas tree were waiting for Titan’s babies in our factory canteen, where, on Wednesday 23 December 2015 a party atmosphere began to really heat up, with dancing, games, smiles and raised hand which demonstrated true joy and the kind of unique happiness that only children feel.

The children and parents were treated to a wonderful theatre production of Frozen, enacted by the My Friends theatre troupe from Užice. Together with characters like the generous Ana and the funny snowman named Olaf, we were able to stop the Snow Queen from covering our Kingdom with an eternal winter. These fearless little people, with their warm smiles easily melted even the coldest of hearts and using their special and magical powers they were able to summon Santa Clause, who further expanded the children’s imagination and amplified the Christmas party by handing out presents, leaving the children with an unforgettable experience.

With respect to this already established tradition, the next day we organised a theatre production for our youngest members of the public entitled “May the Earth Sparkle”. The play was very entertaining and made its audience laugh to the point of tears, who rewarded the actors with thundering applauds and standing ovations. Without exception, Santa Clause was involved, as a symbol for everything good we do for ourselves, our families, our friends and our environment.


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