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2012 Sport Days

On April 2, Titan Cementara Kosjeric celebrates a decade since it became part of Titan Group. In the course of the previous decade TCK has had a prosperous advancement referring to efficient work promotion within better working environment, higher environmental protection and local community support.

TCK sports events were held from March 25 to April 1. This was the occasion for TCK to share its results with fellow citizens of Kosjeric. TCK has invested 50.000.000 Euros in production modernization of which more than 15.000.000 has been invested in the projects environmental protection issues. The local community has benefited from a variety of aids about 11.000.000 euros.

Competitions in five sports disciplines together with mountaineering are the embodiment of the company striving to promote its achievement based upon true values. There were nearly 300 fellow citizens from Kosjeric participating in these competitions. Seven days of socializing, fair play and positive energy arouses and reveals the community in the best way possible. Kosjeric is the pleasant surroundings whose fellow citizens endeavor to continually augment their every day life.  An essential idea of TCK Sports Days is to rouse more enthusiasm, dedication and empathy for others.


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