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TCK Novosti #41 and Special Edition

Use of alternative fuels as energy in industry has attracted great interest with the local and general public, so this requires higher awareness and professional clarification for the most frequent ambiguities in the relevant area. The latest issue of TCK Novosti reports answers to crucial questions and dilemmas in this area by Miroslav Gligorijević, the General Manager of TITAN Cementare Kosjerić.

It is because of the topicality of the theme that we have extended the regular issue of TCK Novosti to include a special edition that provides detailed answers to a number of questions and dilemmas of our fellow citizens and the general public (Serbian only):


TCK Novosti #41 (download here)                        Special Edition (download here)

Find more information about the use of alternative fuels in the following reference literature

•    Cement, Concrete and the Circular Economy, CEMBUREAU (European Association of Cement Producers), September 2016
•    Market Opportunities for Use of Alternative Fuels in Cement Plants acros the EU, ECOFYS and CEMBUREAU (European Association of Cement Producers), May 2016

download here (SRB)       download here (ENG)                 download here (SRB)      download here (ENG)


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