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TCK Days – Sport and entertainment with friends

On the fourth of April this year, TCK turned 38. The day in question was marked by, to begin with, hiking on Sunday, 30 March, organised in cooperation with the Mountaineering and Ecology Society “Subjel”, starting at Divčibare, over Rosićko Lake, and on to Mionica. This year there were over 100 climbers, which specially delighted the organisers. On the same day, for those with a more competitive spirit, tournaments in football, volleyball, table tennis, chess, darts, and shooting also took place, which lasted until Friday 4 April.

TCK would like to thank everyone for their participation, support, the positive atmosphere, and especially those who contributed to the organisation of these celebrations.

A speech given by Miroslav Gligorijević, the Managing Director of TCK, who congratulated the attendees at the factory’s birthday, 4 April, and commented on the results of the work, was followed by the delivery of awards to the employees for the best proposals in the area of safety and health at work and environmental protection.


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