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Gift to the Municipality of Kosjeric

Titan Cementara Kosjeric gave away a swimming pool and two football pitches to be utilized by all fellow citizens this summer.

In compliance with corporate social responsibility for the local community, TCK is willing to provide better conditions for sports activities enabling its fellow citizens to promote health and enjoy their favourite sports activities outdoors.

`Being aware of the fact that the health of people is crucial, we want to motivate our fellow citizens to go in for sports in their free time. Therefore, the swimming pool and football pitches will certainly be of use`, Mr Miroslav Gligorijevic, General Manager of TCK stated on this occasion.

On April 12, TCK celebrated not only 36 years of corporate activities, gained experience, investment in  wide segments of new knowledge, health security of people, environmental protection issues, but also 10 years of privatization process. Within a ten-year period TCK has been significantly modernized. Since 2002, 50 million Euros has been invested in plant modernization and environmental protection issues. Financial support for Municipality of Kosjeric reached the amount of 11 million Euros prior to settlement of the swimming pool and sports facilities taking place.


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