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For my Kosjerić 2016: Award Ceremony

TITAN Cementara Kosjerić awarded the best projects submitted in the For My Kosjerić competition. 24 project applicants submitted their ideas and 11 of these will have the opportunity to realise their visions. The total amount of funds awarded exceeds EUR 20,000.

The panel of judges including company representatives and representatives from the local community, who together awarded the following projects; from within the category of culture: Chasing Forgotten Traditions of the Vesnik Citizens’ Association, Participating in the 9th Cultural, Health and Sport Olympics, submitted by the Pensioners’ Association Club of Kosjerić, BUM 31260 #5 of the NGO Ko.AKTIVA and the Mali Opanak Folklore Festival of the Maksim Marković Culture and Artistic Society. The winners of the Environment category were the Children’s Caravan 2016 by the Subjel Hiking and Environmental Association and Restoring our Forests by the Hunters’ Association of Kosjerić. In the category of Education, the following projects won: the Environmental Cabinet of Jordan Đukanović Primary School; the Incubator Centre project – sustainability is education of KoAKTIVA; Modern Economy in Schools submitted by Kosjerić Technical School; the Children’s Olympic Camp of the Subjel Hiking and Environmental Association; and the Seča Reka Centre for Education and Technical Support, by the Mito Igumanović Primary School.

Mr. Miroslav Gligorijević, the General Manager of TITAN Cementara Kosjerić congratulated the award winners and thanked them for their participation in the competition: “Our business is based on the principles of constructive dialogue with the local community in those areas which are of common interest, this includes the involvement of each member of the general public, the desire being to continually contribute to achieving a high standard of living in Kosjerić. Corresponding to the belief that transparent and continual communication with the local community is the foundation on which successful business and the social policies of the Company are built, in the following period our attention will be on nurturing relationships and building trust within the community in which we operate. For My Kosjerić is a competition in which the best local projects compete, and it has become a tradition. It is our intention that it remains a tradition and we expect that inspiring and original projects will continue to be submitted, and we believe that by joining forces, we will collectively be able to enrich the lives of the people living in Kosjerić.”


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