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Co-processing in the cement industry

Cement production is a demanding process in terms of energy and ressources and requires large quantities of energy, i.e. fuel. This is why the cement industry has developed a number of technological solutions for the safe use of alternative fuels and materials, without any negative impact on the environment, human health or the quality of products.

Beside the utlisation of alternative raw materials, co-processing implies the waste utilization as the energy source in industrial processes instead of fossil fuels, such as coal or petroleum coke.

The waste is utterly destroyed by co-processing while the natural resources remain intact and gas emissions generating greenhouse effect is being decreased.

The co-processing of waste in clinker-producing kilns contribute to resolving three main issues currently facing modern society:

  • Mitigating Climate Change
  • Improving Waste Management
  • Progress Towards a Circular Economy

Energy utilization from the waste within the cement production process is safe, sustainable and highly controlled process. See why.



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